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The exhibition will feature some of the world’s finest renowned artist of traditional tattooing method from the country origin such as (Borneo) Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and along with modern machine style tattoo artist and much more. This will be Malaysia’s first international and biggest tattoo expo that has ever been organised gathering tattoo artist and participants from all over the world in aiming to achieve 60 countries to participate the Tattoo Malaysia Expo this November 29th to 1st December 2019.

Bringing to the heart of Malaysia, the International Tattoo Expo will be held in Kuala Lumpur for the first time and in making of many years to come. Founded by Carlos Micheal (the owner of Koiyak Gloves ) and the series of  Sabah International Tattoo Convention, this highly anticipated event will celebrate all aspect of the art of tattoo where the industry exhibitors and enthusiast from across the world will be brought together  representing all various modern and traditional tattoo styles with their machines and traditional tools here.


Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

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Featuring traditional tattoo artists that shaped the present tattoo world today. 

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Local band Infiltrate among one will be performing at the even along side Ogoshi Rebel, Mothflesh and Fractured. catch them live.



Malaysia presents mix cultural ethnic through a unique unity.

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